1. Very Vanilla Vegan Cupcake- Cupcake of the Week


    There are few things more delightful than a vanilla cupcake, straight out of the oven. That delicate smell filling the house, that sweet taste spreading across your mouth as you take a bite. The hardest part about baking them is waiting for them to cool down for frosting. 

    You can find the recipe here.

    (Recipe and photo from whippedbaking.com)


  2. Vegan Chocolate Cupcake With Strawberry Filling- Cupcake of the Week


    This is a standard, but tasty, recipe for chocolate cupcakes, brought to the next level with the addition of a homemade strawberry filling. Top with powdered sugar, and you’re in heaven.

    This recipe can also be easily made gluten free. Sign me up!

    You can find the recipe here.

    (Recipe and photo from Jaymi Heimbuch on treehugger.com)


  3. Vanilla Bean Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache- Cupcake of the Week


    Another cupcake from Queen Isa of The Post Punk Kitchen. I could eat the cake, sprinkled with vanilla beans, by the truckload. Once you add the chocolate ganache….

    Oh my, I had a foodgasm just thinking about it.

    Do yourself a favor and go make these. You can get the recipe here.

    (Recipe and photo from theppk.com)


  4. Love watching cooking shows?

    Sad that all your old shows never make anything you can eat?

    Youtube to the rescue!

    Be sure to check out The Vegan Zombie, The Sweetest Vegan, Vegan Black Metal Chef, Veggietorials, and The J-Wro Show.

  5. (Source: theshewwy)